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You never have enough time to dedicate to your social media...
You struggle to come up with content for your social media...
You're not consistent with your social media...
You want to build your rent roll through social media...
You don't have as many followers as you'd like...
You're not getting enough engagement on your social media accounts...
You need more brand awareness in your area, but you don't have much money to spend...

Then you're gonna love this Social Summit!

Here's what you'll achieve in the 9-Day Social Summit
Total Breakthrough

If you've ever felt like you don't have enough time to do your social media, or you don't have a big enough budget, or your don't have enough followers on your social accounts...

Create the mindset of a high profile brand owner and use this mindset to create your strong brand on social media!

Social Post Formulas

Save yourself time and discover the 3-part formula to help you get the most engagement out of every single thing you post!

PLUS, learn the schedule that's perfect for your own brand's social media presence.

Social Post Ideas
Create your very own list of posts, ready for you to upload into your social media plan!
You'll have a massive list of ideas that you can go away and implement, to grow your engagement, your organic reach and create a high profile brand, even if you're a very new agency!

This will save you so much TIME!

Over 9 days, you'll have total social media transformation.
Here's what you'll learn in the Social Summit
Check out the program outline below:
Session 1

If you've ever found yourself saying "I don't have enough time" or "I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera", you've probably got some limiting beliefs. In this session, you'll discover what they are! AND how to choose new beliefs

Session 2

Wondering which platforms you should be using? In this session, you'll get clear on exactly which social media platforms are best for rent roll growth in your local market place.

Session 3

There's a 3-part formula for your social posts. In this session you'll learn this 3 part formula and how to apply it to all your social posts to achieve maximum engagement!

Session 4

Discover the 5 categories of social media posts and how to use them to create a library of posts, ready to use week after week.  This will be such a time-saver, and you'll never run out of ideas again!

Session 5

Ever wanted to re-purpose some of your content, so that you don't have to come up with fresh ideas all the time? In this session you'll learn how to re-purpose content, and your audience will never even notice!
Save yourself hours of work each month, in this single session!

Session 6

Not quite sure how many posts you should be doing each week? In this session, you'll learn how many posts you should be doing each week and how to create a plan for those posts.

Session 7

Are you getting enough engagement on your posts? Wish your followers would interact with you more? In this session, you'll learn how to get more engagement on your social media.

Session 8

Ever hit the "boost" button on a Facebook post? Didn't get the results you wanted? In this session, you'll learn when to boost and when not to boost!

Session 9

Need inspiration from others? In this session, you'll get to see the results other rent roll owners are achieving with their social media, and how they're doing it.

Live Q&As

Throughout the Social Summit, you'll get to join Ellen for MANY live Q&A sessions, so you get all your questions answered along the way.


Get other ideas, examples and inspiration for your own social media and rent roll growth strategy!


Share the whole experience with other amazing people in the Property Management community all inside a private Facebook Group

What other people have said about the Social Summit...


The Social Media Summit is more than a long list of ideas. It challenges some traditional thinking and allows each participant to explore their own ideas on how to reach their Summit

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Megan Stuart


I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Social Summit program that I did with Ellen, from start to finish it was jam packed with the type of content I needed at the time! Ellen is a breath of fresh air, her approach is second to none and she makes it super easy to show up, confront your social media fears and then push through those barriers! I am so glad I was a part of this, I learnt and implemented a lot into my business and I highly recommend the Social Summit

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Shonleigh Draper


I just wanted to thank you for all that you have shared with me throughout the Social Summit. The way in which you present the information is real, relatable and has prompted me to look at ways I approach social media and business. Thank you you once again, I look forward to implementing your ideas.

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Tammy Game


The content in the summit was very informative and was presented in a way that was easy to understand. The training you provided has been invaluable to the successful running of my business.

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Rosa Chiera

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PLUS there are prizes to be won!
Each day* during The Social Summit, we'll be giving away an Amazon Gift Card to someone

Who should join the Social Summit?

  • Anyone who is in Property Management and doesn't have much time to dedicate to social media
  • Rent Roll Owners who want to have better organic reach on social
  • BDM and PMs who have their own Facebook Page or Instagram Account for work

Who should NOT join the Social Summit?

  • Rent Roll Owners already have a strong social media presence you're happy with.
  • Anyone who already feels happy with their brand awareness locally.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Social Summit work?

It's an online summit, and you'll get to be involved via a pop-up Facebook Group and a daily email from me (Ellen).  Once you've registered for the summit, you'll be ready for it to start in 2023..

Each day of the week (Monday  to Friday) Ellen will appear live in the group and give you your exercise for the day!

Then, you'll complete your exercise, share it with the group and get involved in the Facebook Group community!

How much time will it take to complete the Social Summit?

Give yourself 15-30 minutes a day to watch the video with Ellen, complete your homework and share it with the community.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

You'll also be invited to join an exclusive paid program, if that interests you.  But you don't need to join that paid program.  You can just jump into the free summit!

When do we start?

The Social Summit starts again 2023, so register now and you'll be first to get started.

What if I can't make it live?

That's okay, you can catch the replay any time while the Facebook Group is live (it will be archived at the end of The Social Summit - so you won't be able to see the replays after that.)

Can I get CPD points for this?
No, sorry.  We can’t offer CPD on a free training program like this.

Can I bring my VA or admin assistant?
Of course! Just get them to register for The Social Summit on this page too.

Can other people join in? Sales people, mortgage brokers, strata managers?
Of course! Although Ellen has a focus on rent roll growth, many of the strategies apply, regardless of your business.

Got more questions?

Email us!

About Ellen

Ellen is the founder of Rent Roll Starter and has worked with hundreds of rent roll owners to start and grow their rent rolls using AFFORDABLE marketing strategies.

Ellen is best known teaching social media for rent roll growth, and how to harness a "small but mighty" following, and use this following to create brand awareness for FREE!

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