Grow your Rent Roll
Following proven marketing strategies that work, even if you only have a small rent roll right now!

If you own a rent roll, you know that there's so much you need to be doing...

You're constantly juggling your time between being a property manager, a BDM, and a business owner.

It's hard to know what marketing to focus on.

And you probably don't need me to tell you that marketing is VERY important when it comes to growing a rent roll.

After all, you know that you need to be marketing in order to get more landlord leads through the door.

It's just hard to know what's going to work best... especially when you have a limited budget.

Here's what's cool

When you've got a clear marketing strategy, you'll get:

Landlord Leads
With your marketing on auto-pilot, you'll have landlords giving you their contact details, right from your website or social media accounts.

Once your marketplace knows that you're the "go to" property management service, OTHER people will tag and recommend your services to total strangers! #winning!

Organic Reach
Sure, you could pay for advertising, but if you've got a strong marketing plan, you'll get your articles, posts and videos shared organically, just because it's interesting to your potential landlords!

Brand Awareness
Maybe you're a small, independent agency, but with a strong marketing plan, you can appear to be playing with the big boys in town, without needing their big budgets!

Even though you offer AMAZING property management service... getting your name out there is HARD!
Am I right?

Maybe you've got your website built, and it's pretty and modern, but it's not bringing in landlord leads for you each week...

Or maybe you started writing blog posts for a while, but they didn't actually generate any new business enquiries, so you've slacked off a bit...

Or maybe you set up your Facebook page, and you're posting on there most days, but you don't have many followers, and you're certainly not getting landlord leads from it.

And the cycle continues.

It's pretty disheartening when you've worked so hard on all these things, but they're not getting you the results you really need.

So, I'm gonna let you in on a secret...

You don't have to re-invent the wheel!

And you certainly don't need a big budget to be able to grow a rent roll.

In fact, the best ways to grow a rent roll are often free, or almost free!

So, if you want a road map for exactly how to market your business to generate consistent, sustainable landlord leads...

I'd like to invite you into the Rent Roll Owner's Marketing School, where you can learn the exact strategies I've used to generate leads over the years.

You're invited to enroll in the...

In just 8 weeks, you'll discover 8 key areas to MASTER and enjoy sustainable rent roll growth.
Here's the program outline...
Module #1
Learn how to change your marketing language so you can attract more landlords to your brand.
Module #2
Establish your exact point of difference, so you can get the edge over your competition.
Module #3
Discover all the features you MUST have on your website, what to avoid, and how to get more leads from it.
Module #4
Learn the 4-point blog formula and discover how to use blogs to generate more landlord leads.
Module #5
Discover the 5-point email marketing formula, create email campaigns that generate enquiries.
Module #6
Map out your entire marketing plan in just under an hour, including LOTS of content (in hardly any time at all!)
Module #7
Create more referral partnerships and get more referrals for investors from them.
Module #8
Build your own Facebook Ads campaign to turn lead generation on auto-pilot.
Program valued at $1997
PLUS, you'll get some bonuses!

A Landlord Newsletter Template

Want to offer a landlord newsletter to your current (and prospective) landlords?  You'll get a 3 page landlord newsletter template thrown in as a bonus when you join Marketing School

Valued at $47

A Tenant Newsletter Template

Add a tenant newsletter to your marketing calendar and get your tenants talking about you too!  You're getting a 3 page tenant newsletter template thrown in as a bonus when you join Marketing School

Valued at $47

5 Pre-Written Blogs

Don't have time to write your own blog articles?  You'll get 5 pre-written blogs ready for you to download, customise and upload as part of your marketing calendar.

Valued at $197

Members-Only Facebook Group

Need some extra help or accountability?  That's what our private, members-only Facebook group is for!

Join Ellen each month for a live Q&A session, and get extra tips, tricks and help along the way.

Valued at $997

That's a total value of $3285
But you can enrol in this training program for just $97 today with 11 payments of $97 to follow.

But you have two options:
12 weekly payments

Join today, access everything and only pay $97 a week for 12 weeks!

Once-off payment (save $167)

Join today, access everything, save $167 


When you enroll in the Rent Roll Owner's Marketing School, you're getting access to the best marketing strategies for rent roll growth...

And you're protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Don't take my word for it though, here's what Aimee said when she went through this training.


Before joining the training I was feeling overwhelmed, but the way Ellen breaks down all the information into easy, understandable steps is awesome and all the information in the members area is amazing!  I feel so much more prepared now.

If you join this training program, you won’t regret it!  Honestly, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Ellen is a wealth of knowledge and will always go out of her way to help you!

Aimee Robinson
C&K Property Management

Here's what you're getting...

Rent Roll Owner's Marketing School - 8 modules of marketing training for rent roll growth
Valued at $1997

1 Pre-Written Landlord Newsletter Template - ready for you to throw your branding on and send out!
Valued at $47
1 Pre-Written Tenant Newsletter Template - so you can get your tenants singing your praises!
Valued at $47
5 Pre-Written Blog Posts - ready for you to customise and publish as your own, so you don't have to write them yourself!
Valued at $197
Membership in our Exclusive Facebook Group. Live Q&As each month with me (Ellen), ideas, motivation, inspiration and a supportive community to build you up and hold you accountable!
Valued at $997

TOTAL Value $3285 and you only pay $97 today, with 11 payments of $97 to follow

You deserve success!

When you started your rent roll, you had big goals. And you can totally achieve those big goals!

Let's grow your business and brand together using the power of a solid marketing plan!

- Ellen

Join Marketing School Today!
12 weekly payments

Join today, access everything and only pay $97 a week for 12 weeks!

Once-off payment (save $167)

Join today, access everything, save $167 

Here's what you'll get:
Weekly training modules released each week for the 8 week program.
Examples, templates and extra resources for you to implement immediately.
LIFETIME* access to the program, including any updates we make to the program in the future.
LIFETIME* access to the Private Facebook Group membership for additional support and community (even after the training program is finished!)
Money Back Guarantee if it doesn't work for you! Details of guarantee here.
Here's what Tina said after going through a program with Ellen...

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to join.  I was way too busy, and the idea of adding something else to my schedule was well above my head.  But when I saw all the topics that were being covered in the program, and I just had to join.

I particularly loved module 6, which was hands-on and like a workshop.  Writing down that plan was invaluable.
I am so thankful for this training program with Rent Roll Starter and if anyone is thinking about joining, my advice is “Do It!!” – even if you have to listen to the training while you’re at the gym!
Tina Prem

Here's the full Marketing School Program outline:
Attracting Landlords

Do you want to know what words you need to use to make people pick up the phone, or send you a message, or click the "contact button"on your website?  In this training module, you'll discover the exact language you need to use in your marketing for new landlords.

Take this information and apply it to every aspect of marketing you do in the future: emails, social media, newsletters, articles, letterbox drops - everything!

Your Unique Difference

Are there lots of other agents in town? Is your market totally saturated with PM services?

In this training module you’ll differentiate your business from other agents (even in a saturated market place).  You won't just get a list of “points of difference” that everyone uses. You'll discover how to look at what’s going on in your marketplace locally and BE different.

Your Website

Learn the secrets to get your website generating more leads for you.  This training module is important because, if you’re sending people to your website (especially via social media), you want them to give you their contact details so you’re getting leads every single day via your website.

Blogging for Landlord Leads

In this training module you'll learn how to apply the 4 point formula for blogging to get landlords. This formula is designed to take readers of your blog from seeing the title of your blog, to handing over their contact details to you at the end.

If you want to get leads this way, you need to learn the formula.

Email Marketing Secrets

Statistics show that for ever $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a $40 return on investment. 

If you like this sort of return on investment, you need this training module, to learn the 5 point email marketing formula for pulling more leads out of your database and turning them into landlord clients.

Your Marketing Plan

If you struggle with time to get all your marketing done (blogs, emails, social media, videos, etc) in this training module, you’ll learn how to create a full marketing plan for an entire month.

Then, you'll take this plan and then replicate this across the entire year!

Working with Referral Partners

In this training module you will learn how to instigate a powerful referral marketing plan.  

This is NOT just handing over a business card to a local mortgage broker and waiting for a call.  You’ll create a SYSTEM for getting leads out of your referral partners.

Facebook Ads

If you’re finding you’re not getting results from spending money on boosting Facebook posts, then this training module will show you “click by click” how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign for lead generation inside the Ads Manager. 

You'll learn exactly what to do inside Facebook Ads manager to get your ads set up properly.

Join Marketing School Today!
12 weekly payments

Join today, access everything and only pay $97 a week for 12 weeks!

Once-off payment (save $167)

Join today, access everything, save $167 

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