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The 5 Biggest Rent Roll Growth Mistakes
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Discover how to avoid the biggest growth mistakes in property management so that your agency’s growth explodes and your backside is covered.
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Join Kristen Porter from O*NO Legal and Ellen Bathgate from Rent Roll Starter in this 1 hour webinar and avoid making the BIGGEST Rent Roll Growth mistakes.
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We get it. Growing an agency can be tough and it’s hard to prioritize our time between ‘working IN the business’ and ‘working ON the business’, especially when it comes to growth rent roll growth.

So, if you want to:

✅ avoid costly growth mistakes
✅ have your marketing spend stretch further
✅ ensure your agency’s growth is not hamstrung

then this is the right webinar for you!
Webinar Details:
Date: Wednesday 23 November 2022
Time: 10am AEST (Sydney time)
Where: Online webinar (replay available if you can't come live)
Cost: FREE!
What you'll learn in this webinar:
Whilst you might usually focus on the things that can supercharge your growth, in this webinar you'll see behind the curtain and show you the things that can stall growth, so you don’t fall into those traps.

In this interactive webinar you will learn about the biggest mistakes property management principals are making and how to avoid them, so your growth can explode and your backside is covered, legally speaking.

You will learn:

✅ The 5 biggest mistakes agencies make when it comes to their growth and how to avoid them

✅ The right time to implement a marketing strategy

✅ The best marketing channels to use and when

✅ Real life case studies of big mistakes so you don’t make them too.

So... avoid these expensive mistakes and register today!
We get it, your time is tight right now.

So, is there any point registering for this webinar?

Let's be honest, growing a real estate agency without the right strategy in place is like flying a plane without any navigational equipment.

You can point it in the right direction and hope for the best, or you can develop a flight plan and know you are on right track.

This webinar will teach you how Ellen and Kristen help agencies like yours put growth strategies in place so you can

✅ Smash your growth
✅ Maximise those revenue targets
✅ Grow the agency you always wanted

Learn from their big mistakes, save yourself time and money, and avoid those mistakes for yourself.
Meet your hosts

Kristen Porter
Kristen Porter, the founder of O*NO Legal – The Real Estate Agent’s Lawyer has Real Estate in her blood. As third generation, she was born into the industry and truly has a passion for it that no other lawyer has.
Servicing almost exclusively real estate industry clients across Australia, she understands the pressures and pain points of the industry. If you are
looking for lawyers that ‘gets’ what it’s like to be in real estate – then she is here for you.
Heading up large in-house real estate and development legal teams, as well as working alongside agents in the trenches, has given her a unique insight into what agents actually need from their lawyers when it comes to the legals needed to run and grow their agency.
Kristen has demonstrated that including legal strategy in your growth plans is the best way to increase the value of your agency.
Meet Ellen
Ellen Bathgate is the founder of Rent Roll Starter.
After growing her own rent roll from scratch and selling it a few years ago, Ellen now helps other agents and property managers to start and grow their own rent rolls.
With a love of marketing (online and offline), Ellen teaches growth strategies to help you grow your personal brand, your agency profile and your rent roll, using digital marketing, social media and other personal branding tactics.
Here's what people are saying about Kristen & Ellen
"O*NO Legal have a deep understanding of the real estate industry unlike any other lawyers. They know what they're doing & provided me with the clarity and essential information to set up my new property management business. Highly recommend!"
Hayley Mitchell
"Ellen is amazing! She has a brilliant way to make things simple and easy to understand and implement into your business.
Connect with Ellen today follow her guidance and watch your business grow!"

Eva Frketic
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FAQs about this Webinar
When is the Webinar?
Wednesday, 23 November 2022 at 10am (AEDT - Sydney time)

Will there be a replay?
Yes, register for the webinar and we'll send you a replay if you can't come live.

Who is the webinar for?
If you own a real estate agency or you're involved in the growth of your rent roll, you should attend this webinar.
Boring legal stuff: Whilst this webinar has been designed and prepared by lawyers, this is general advice only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice as it does not take into consideration your exact agency circumstances. This information is for guidance only as there are many variables in your agency. Contact O*NO Legal to find out if any of these variables apply to you. Whilst we may provide high level advice in live group sessions, you are not covered by professional legal privilege in those settings and anything sensitive or potentially litigious should only be discussed privately to maintain privilege. When we have 1 on 1 sessions with you, those sessions are regarded as legal advice. PS - congratulations if you have read this far, you must love legal disclaimers or are a sucker for punishment!]

By registering for this webinar you agree that we many share your information with the hosts of this session