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“Even as a rookie, I got the best social media growth!”

I’m not new to social media, as a personal user. In fact, I’ve had social media accounts for years.

But when it came to using social media for my business, I really had to dial in on my business tone and presentation.  I’m talking 6 months before I got consistent.

Honestly, social media for my business felt overwhelming at the beginning, but (just like my horse-riding), time really helps improve your skills.  Even as a rookie, during the real and raw period, I got the best social media growth!

Now, I was already using social media for my rent roll before I joined The Content Club, so you might be thinking “You’re already using social media for your rent roll growth. You don’t need to join The Content Club to get more content!”

But what I’ve discovered is that educating my followers has won me a lot of work.  So, using the blogs, the posts about processes, procedures, “how-to” and “did you know” type of posts from The Content Club has really helped me get extra traction.  I do tweak all the content to make it appeal to my audience of course!

Oh, and I’ve discovered that any time I use one of The Content Club posts that lets me feature my little pug dog, those posts have the HIGHEST engagement!  My followers love my little pug!

If you’re thinking about joining The Content Club, I highly recommend it! I now spend 2-3 hours every 6 weeks sorting my social media then I can set and forget it!

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“I got stopped in a takeaway restaurant because someone recognised me from social media!”

When I first started my rent roll, I started in an area that I’d never worked before.  So I didn’t have any connections to help me grow my business.  So I though that social media would be a great way to start.

But I had never used social media for business, so I was like a sponge and learnt everything I could about social media.  I discovered that the best way to showcase my business was with video.

My favourite platform is actually Linked In, where I have close to 10,000 connections.  I actually got stopped in a takeaway restaurant by someone who said “Hey, I know you! You’re Melissa from Prime Residential Property Management!”  Turns out, he knew me from Linked In, so I must be doing something right.

I love using The Content Club as part of my social media to help me create posts that showcase who I am, as the business owner, and what my interests are.  I love showing off my puppy in these fun posts too (and my followers love her too!).  The Content Club is such a great starting point for social media, because it makes it really easy. So, if you need ideas for your social posts, definitely get in The Content Club.

Even though I don’t normally schedule any of my social posts, I usually spend a little bit of time on Sunday afternoons (or weeknights) to work on my socials.  I think the most important thing is to be consistent and always be posting on your social accounts.  It really has helped my business grow.

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“Don't wait for the perfect moment, just post something!”

I used to always worry and obsess about what to post, when to post and whether I’ll be judged for what I’m posting.

But I’ve been using Facebook, Instagram and Linked In for our business since about 2016 I first started my rent roll, and I’d discovered that if you keep momentum and routine with your social media, that seem to be what yields us the most consistent connection.

Right now, I don’t really plan our social media in advance, so we mostly do opportunistic posts as we have ideas, but I also really love The Content Club because of the image templates, and the blog posts too, because it saves me so much work.

Here’s my biggest tip though: Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  Just post something on your social media!

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"Engagement Exploded!”

I used the caption template (from The Content Club).

Loaded up a photo of a tradie and engagement exploded on Facebook.  Thanks heaps!

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