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What to do if All your Landlords are Selling their Properties

If you're feeling like your rent roll is shrinking right now because all your landlords are selling, this webinar is for you
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Does it feel like all your landlords are selling their properties right now?

Feel like your rent roll is shrinking right in front of you?

Worried about your income and asset value as landlords are exiting the rental market?
 Let's be honest, it's a tough time in the market right now.

Interest rate rates, changes in legislation, increasing expenses... they're all things that make it harder to be landlord... and some landlords are deciding to sell their properties.

And that has a big impact on you.  A big impact on your rent roll size, your asset value and your income.

So right now, you need to focus on replacing those properties, educating your landlords about their options, and continuing to grow your rent roll, even through this challenging time.
It's stressful, overwhelming and a difficult time for property managers, BDMs and rent roll owners, so we've got a live training webinar for you.
Join Sarah Cincotta and Ellen Bathgate as they unlock 4 strategies you can implement right now to replace those lost managements and continue to grow, even in this changing market.
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In this live session you'll:

✅Discover how to develop a proactive approach to attract new landlords (even in this changing market)

✅ Learn how to get more referrals, even from those landlords who are selling their properties right now.

✅ Discover how to secure long term partnerships with local referral partners.

✅ Learn how to secure more of those sales opportunities (if they're going to sell, they might as well sell through your office)

✅ Discover how to keep managements that have been sold to other investors.

And so much more!
Webinar Details:
Date: Wednesday 21 June 2023
Time: 12.30pm AEST (Sydney time)
Where: Online webinar (replay available if you can't come live)
Cost: Only $27
Meet your hosts

Sarah Cincotta
As a leading Business Development Manager in the Real Estate Industry, Sarah came to learn the standard of being a BDM in the industry was outdated and with poor practises.

Through her coaching, mentoring and training Sarah will help you to raise your revenue, increase your influence, solidify your success and embrace your evolution, so that you too can set a new standard.
Meet Ellen
Ellen Bathgate is a marketing and content creation expert.

After growing her own rent roll from scratch and selling it a few years ago, Ellen now helps other agents and property managers to start and grow their own rent rolls.

With a love of marketing (online and offline), Ellen teaches growth strategies to help you grow your personal brand, your agency profile and your rent roll, using digital marketing, social media and other personal branding tactics.
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FAQs about this Webinar
When is the Webinar?
Wednesday, 21 June 2023 at 12.30pm (AEDT - Sydney time)

Will there be a replay?
Yes, register for the replay here.

Who is the webinar for?
If you own a real estate agency, you're a BDM a Property Manager and you're worried about the number of landlords selling right now, you should attend this webinar.
Boring legal stuff: Whilst this webinar has been designed and prepared with the utmost care, this is general advice only and cannot be relied upon as legal or financial advice as it does not take into consideration your exact agency circumstances. This information is for guidance only as there are many variables in your agency.

By registering for this webinar you agree that we many share your information with the hosts of this session